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Control Premature Ejaculation – Safely Last Longer with Maxoderm Vivaxa

Creams have most of the time being bad-mouthed online. I used to do it.

You cannot say that something is gonna help you control premature ejaculation if the product carry plenty of undesirable side effects.

couple with problems to control premature ejaculation

Old school creams use to belong to that club.

They worked, no doubt, but usual complains include something like…

“My penis was so numb, that I couldn’t feel anything. It was like using 5 condoms one on top of the other”.

“The cream was not completely absorbed so it passed on to my girlfriend who experienced the same numbing sensations. Sex was some kind of cardio routine and fun was not there anymore”.

And with extended use the numbing sensation could become permanent.

No good. I wouldn’t endorse the use of such a product to control premature ejaculation.

But thanks to Science that’s history.

Welcome to New School Creams, Creams that really control premature ejaculation.

 The New generation of creams is based on three amazing discoveries:

1. Transdermal Technology: A revolutionary discovery that achieves the complete absortion of the topical solution. Your partner will never know your using a cream to control premature ejaculation.

2. L-Arginine and Peptide 171: Two components typically used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. It’ll give you stronger erections and improve your sexual stamina. This component boosts the effect of calmosensine, the next discovery in this list.

3. Calmosensine: It’s a wonderful peptide (kind of a protein, but shorter) that has three spectacular effects on your skin:

  • Improve the skin’s tolerance to thermal aggression,
  • Sooth the skin by lessening its sensitivity to chemical irritants and…
  • Regulate emotion responses caused by tactile / unpleasant sensations…

These three scientific breakthroughs in a topical cream is your recipe to ejaculation success. That’s the kind of cream you should use to control premature ejaculation.

My Experiment

I used this kind of cream to find out its real value to control premature ejaculation. If you are an avid reader of this site, by now you know that I used to last less than the 2 minute average for a regular guy. After years of struggle I decided to put an end to my ordeal. I embarked myself in a journey to control premature ejaculation, and I pulled it through.

I am now what is called a multi-orgasmic man, an experience I hope you someday come to experience (have orgasm without a real ejaculation, extending the orgasmic pleasure on demand). I know indeed how to control premature ejaculation.

One key component to control premature ejaculation and become a multi-orgasmic man is the capacity to recognize your arousal level. I use a 1 to 10 scale, where 1 is no sexual arousal and 10 is ejaculation. I also know how fast after penetration I reach each level and how to control it so that I enjoy the level for a while (a plateau) before moving up the scale and finally ejaculate.

Well, from references I tried a specific cream called VIVAXA that comply with all the requirements of a new generation cream, and the results were nothing less than spectacular.

My muscular efforts to control ejaculation were less intense, and I was able to delay my levels of arousal in approximately 12 minutes.

12 minutes on day one, not bad I hope you agree. Replicate that and you can say you now control premature ejaculation.

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Vivaxa Review: Under the Hood

vivaxa cream picture

First thing you notice at VIVAXA website is that it’s a product from Barmensen Labs, the guys who develop the great Male Enhancement Formula Maxoderm. So the company behind VIVAXA is for real and these guys know about male sexual problems and how to control premature ejaculation.

The shopping process was fast and expedited, I chose the regular offer (1 bottle), which comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and standard shipping.

The VIVAXA bottle arrived 4 days later. So it’s time to work…

First things first…How did I use it? I followed the Recommended Usage Program from VIVAXA website:

“VIVAXA is very easy to use. Simply massage a quarter-sized dab directly onto the penis for approximately 5-10 minutes while self-pleasuring or immediately prior to sexual intercourse.”

VIVAXA recommends the progressive use of the cream, ranging from 4 applications the first week to 6 in a month, and then downsizing it to 3 per week in the third month of usage. I would say to stick to it.

My results…

I would like to emphasize the sensations I went through during this experiment. I didn’t feel any numbing sensation; on the contrary, it was as if my penis was in a state of joy, easily controlling my arousal level. Moreover, I could ride the last level, just before the Point of No Return, with extreme ease. So as you can imagine my climax was fantastic.

My guess is that you will easily replicate my 12-minute delay and maybe more, because the more you use it the longer the delay (I just used it for a week, remember it was an experiment) and my delay was related to arousal levels and no to the orgasm itself.

As usual you should know that VIVAXA is not intended to protect you against HIV or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, it is a topical treatment to control premature ejaculation.

Overall VIVAXA is a great product to control premature ejaculation... the best out of the creams that I tested and I recommend it.

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The Conclusion...?

vivaxa cream picture

Well, after some deliberation, my conclusion is this: If you want to make some quick progress in your premature ejaculation control then VIVAXA is certainly the one to go for.

I got better e control, without numbing sensation and the climax was more enjoyable.

So that's it. If you want to quickly and easily control premature ejaculation and progressively have better and long lasting sex then go ahead and…

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