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Early Ejaculation – 12 Secret Reasons not to Ejaculate Fast

Is it really worth the while overcoming early ejaculation and learning how to last longer in bed?

Early ejaculation couple

My response is a categorical yes. Longer lasting sex brings several fantastic benefits that you need to understand and internalize, because you will harvest them once you learn how to stop premature ejaculation.

Here is a short list of reasons for controlling early ejaculation. Read them many times, and bear them in mind while putting in action the premature ejaculation treatment of your choice.

Early Ejaculation: Reasons not to ejaculate fast.

  1. Early Ejaculation leaves your body sexually exhausted: For most guys early ejaculation is the end of the night. If you don’t ejaculate you keep your energy in your body for longer lasting fun.
  2. Sexual appetite whooshes away: Even if energy is still there, sexual desire may not. It’s common to lose your sexual appetite immediately after ejaculation.
  3. Many women need more than one orgasm: Even if you make her cum, she might be ready for more, and oops!… you might not. Multi-orgasmic women feel unsatisfied if only one orgasm is reached.
  4. Erections might not easily be regained: Getting erections is not easy after ejaculation especially if you are older than 40, so having orgasms without ejaculation grants you the capacity to extend sex time.
  5. Deepen your romantic relation: Longer, more satisfying sexual experiences strengthen bonds with your partner. Many marriages end as a result of cumulative sexual dissatisfaction. Great sex might not be sufficient for a great relationship, but it’s necessary.
  6. Extended pleasure sensations: Wouldn’t you like the sexual sensations you feel when about to cum to last longer? Well, once early ejaculation is under control you will.
  7. Your partner will be sexually satisfied: Longer fun for you means longer fun for your partner, and she’ll thank you for it.
  8. Bigger and stronger orgasms, whenever you call it: Yes, sexual sensations will extend, and additionally, include in the list orgasms that are out of this world.
  9. The energy to satisfy more than one partner: This one is a little bit on the dark side, but worth to mention.
  10. No more anxiety, fears of coming too soon: Once early ejaculation is under control you can relax and really enjoy sex...No more Mississippis!
  11. No more embarrassment about coming too soon: Remember your last 2 minute quickie? Frustrating, isn’t it? Visualize yourself ejaculating in 30 minutes or more and your embarrassment is gone.
  12. Tremendous boost to your Self esteem: Put the 11 reasons together and you are a more confident, proud human being, and that feeling easily cut across other aspects of your life, like job, and friends. A better you is born.

Amazing, isn’t it? Defeating early ejaculation brings fantastic rewards that transcend your sexual life. Read and reread these 12 reasons over and over especially when you think you want to quit, or if you are procrastinating. 

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