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Controlling Ejaculation – Master the Power of Relaxation to Last Longer in Bed

Is it possible that by learning to manage the tension of your body you will be controlling ejaculation effectively?

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I’ve studied and practiced several methods and techniques for controlling ejaculation and I can say that you can cure p e in more than one way. Usually the solution is a blending of different methods seeking to tackle different causes behind your particular p e dysfunction.

One powerful technique that you can start using right away is relaxation. 

Why relaxation is important for controlling ejaculation?

Have you noticed what normally happens to your body when you are about to cum? You tense and contract most of your muscles. Tension is an automatic response to ejaculation. The tension in your body blocks the flow of sexual energy, collecting in your scrotum. It’s trapped in there. There’s nowhere to go. It piles up in your genitals exerting more and more pressure for you to ejaculate.

Following a logical reasoning, learning not to tense your muscle in those extreme arousal moments will translate into controlling ejaculation more effectively.

That’s exactly true. When you relax instead, and open up your inner channels, you can more easily replace the urgency to ejaculate with the desire to enjoy the sensations of your sexual experiences.

Controlling Ejaculation with Relaxation: the Exercises

These exercises are meant to be done in your spare time, not during sex. However, remember that a relaxed body is a body ready to enjoy sex longer and better. Hypnosis is an excellent complementary program to the relaxation exercises, as you can read here.

Yoga Corpse Posture: Lie down, close your eyes, arms at your side and palms up. Feel the weight of your body. Now, focus on the rhythms of your breathe and stay in that state for 20 minutes daily, as many times as you wish.

Relax your Muscles: Lie down, close your eyes, focus your consciousness on your fingers, tighten them for a moment and then relax them, breathing along several times, until a feeling of relaxation sinks in. Do this for every muscle group of your body, repeating the cycle if necessary, until all of them are relaxed. 

Sit and Meditate: Meditation is emptying the mind. It’s one of the most powerful ways to relax. Here is a quick guide: Sit in a comfortable, quiet place, and relax. Close your eyes and focus on your breath coming in and out. You’ll mind will stray away from concentration from time to time. Don’t worry; just come back to watching your breath. Do it for as long as you want and enjoy.

Deep Breathing: Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and do this: Breathe through the mouth rhythmically, deeply and slowly. Imagine your breath is going through your body, specially your genitals stimulating them and leaving them completely relaxed.

I might have included hypnosis as part of the exercises, but I wrote a special article about hypnosis you can read here.

Now you know 4 powerful relaxation exercises for controlling ejaculation. Corpse Posture, Muscle Relaxation, Meditation and Deep Breathing are your new friends in your journey toward controlling ejaculation.  You’ll last longer in bed, and your orgasm will be much more intense. 

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This is a short tip on how to use relaxation for controlling ejaculation with your mind.

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